Oakland Grizzlies Warrior Hockey

Providing a structured and competitive hockey environment for Veterans with disabilities.

The Oakland Warriors Hockey Club is a partnered affiliate of Motor City Veterans Hockey and proud to represent the Oakland Junior Grizzlies Hockey Club with some of the finest and most dedicated members in USA Hockey's Warrior discipline. Together these two programs provide outstanding competitive and recreational hockey opportunities for Veterans throughout the Metro Detroit community!

The Oakland Warriors' mission is simple: We aim to provide unique recreational and competitive hockey activities for dedicated Military Veterans with disabilities.

Our club works alongside Motor City Veterans Hockey to identify highly dedicated and motivated players that seek a fully engaged hockey experience in a highly structured environment. Players who apply for and are selected to participate with our team are expected to demonstrate a high level of character and commitment, which helps build a highly cohesive environment and a strong bond within our locker room.

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Our players are not all elite athletes. However, our team is built around dedicated players of exceptional character with a goal of improving as both individuals and as a team.

Our team is invite only, as we have strict membership requirements. Our team encourages interested players to join Motor City Veterans Hockey for consideration of selection to the Oakland Warriors.

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Meet The Team

oakgrizz captains.jpg
Oakland Captains

Captain Mark Fare #13

Captain David Shepler #28

Alternate Captain Mike Palmer #24

Alternate Captain Justin Weis #44

Oakland Roster


Aron Decker #3

Josh Miller #8

Johnny Dearing #19

Mike Palmer #24

Joe Harden #26

Nate Rowe #27

David Shepler #28

Adam Gottis #30

Nate Hayes #33

Justin Weis #44

Bryan Warloe #55

Ryan Sieja #71


Jeff Simon #2

Chris Salters #11

Mark Fare #13

Kevin Sharples #21

Trevor Sauers #25

Dave Denhardt #31

Mike Ganzak #47


Wayne Jameson #1

Jared Belsley #29

Assistant Manager

Alex Fare #14