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About Us

"It's More Than Hockey"

Hockey has become the recreational therapy, that gives the veterans of Motor City Veterans Hockey Association a reason to be with others who have experienced their struggles. It is as much about helping serve their brothers and sisters as it is having fun and enjoying each other’s fellowship. For these men and women, it means everything.

What We Do

Motor City Veterans Hockey Association offers individuals with military affiliation a structured environment to play the game of ice hockey, providing recreational therapy and fellowship for Veterans and their families.

Our program was created to help with the education, awareness and advocacy for our veterans dealing with both physical trauma rehabilitation, as well as recovery from “Invisible Wounds,” including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

This focus on physical and mental wellbeing is one of many ways this program sets itself apart from other recreational athletic programs.

Who We Are

Motor City Veterans Hockey is comprised of more than 80% military veterans, with more than half of the members being veterans with disabilities. The other 20% is comprised of active duty military members (5%), family members (10%), and supporting members (5%).



Motor City Veterans Hockey Association is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We work on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of our Veterans, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make.

The sport of hockey provides a structure that promotes a healthy lifestyle, social wellness, and mental well-being. It allows athletes to develop life skills such as discipline, respect, teamwork, communication, and humility. Playing hockey is fun by itself, but for the members of Motor City Veterans Hockey Association, "It's More Than Hockey."


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Recreation & Competition

At Motor City Veterans Hockey, we are dedicated to providing a positive hockey environment for players of all skill levels. Whether novice players looking for recreational opportunities, or advanced players striving for competitive hockey, we have teams to fit all levels of play.


Family Engagement

The pride of Motor City Veterans Hockey is our family. Through on-ice activities and social gatherings, bringing our families together is a proven therapy tool to help our Veterans and their family members.



With our organization’s mission always in mind, we continually seek fellowship with our opposing teams and programs. United with other Veteran programs across the country, our team is proud to be the "Ambassadors of Hockey".


Commitment to Excellence On the Ice

The Motor City Veterans Hockey team competes in local exhibition games against other veteran, law enforcement, and fire and emergency medical service teams, in regional tournaments throughout the Midwest, and in national tournaments across the country. Since our establishment in 2017, these are just a few of our accomplishments:

National Championships


USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival Warrior B Division



Hendrickson Foundation National Hockey Festival Warrior C Division



USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival Warrior Tier IV Division

USA Hockey Warrior Classic Freedom Division



2023 Hendrickson Foundation National Hockey Festival Warrior Pagel C1 Division

2023 Hendrickson Foundation National Hockey Festival Warrior Cargill D Division

National Runners-Up


Hendrickson Foundation National Hockey Festival Warrior Division


Hendrickson Foundation National Hockey Festival Warrior Division



Hendrickson Foundation National Hockey Festival Warrior C2 Division

Commitment to Excellence Off the Ice

Veterans of Motor City Veterans Hockey continue their service to our country through volunteerism, supporting community and national initiatives.


2024 and Beyond

What's Next?

Motor City Veterans Hockey stands ready to come together and celebrate hockey and fellowship.


The program plans to hold development training, scrimmages, charity events, family events, and engage with the local and ice hockey community throughout the 2023-2024 season.

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